3 Condtions that can be dealt with Botox apart from Jaw slimming.

3 Condtions that can be dealt with Botox apart from Jaw slimming.

Botox is commonly used for slimming the jawline and is most popular, as the results achieved are quite impressive. As the muscle cells are temporarily paralyzed as the consequence of this treatment, this procedure can be used for various medical complications, that is related to muscles.
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Below are the three different conditions that can be dealt with Botox treatment.

1. Body Odor-
Excessive sweating usually causes body odor. And sometimes, even deodorants can cause allergies; finding an alternative option is inevitable, as bad body odor affects your social life.
We all know that sweat is produced by sweat glands.
There is a group of muscles around this gland that, forces the sweat to ooze from gland to the external surface of the skin. And when this sweat interacts with the normal bacteria on the skin, it causes body odor. Botox can be used to paralyze that small group of muscles, so that, they do not squeeze the sweat glands. This usually works well on armpits and palms.

2.Drooling in case of Parkinson’s disease-
Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder, and drooling is one of the most common problems that is observed during the disease period. Research was conducted, wherein, Botox was injected to the salivary gland. The result of this, was remarkable; the saliva production was controlled, and drooling was minimized.

3. Overactive Urinary Bladder-
This condition is usually observed in infants and aged people, but, rarely it can be observed in the middle-aged people too. Bladders of these people squeeze involuntarily, often. This can be very embarrassing, as there will be urine leak. The Botox when injected into the bladder, relaxes that organ and increases its storage capacity, and thus reduces frequent trips to the restroom.